Alcohol And Personality Changes

The important fact is that individuals react very different to alcohol. For example, there are unaggressive drinkers who become very “happy drunks,” and again there are opposite drinkers whose aggressiveness makes its highest level as rageful. Person’s reactions to alcohol depend on many factors such as body constitution, neurological state or genetics. These factors are variables that define a number of drinks leading to a certain type of mood and stress under alcohol. Symptoms of alcoholism will vary depending on how much a person drinks and for how long it is going on. While rare drinkers will experience relaxation and positive energizing, moderate ones could feel some nervousness, irritation, and melancholy. Heavy drinkers will reach phases like hallucinations, insomnia, and even paranoia.

Major symptoms

There are many symptoms of many individuals with alcohol problems but there are symptom patterns that make some basics of certain alcoholic behavior. For example not remembering what they were doing under alcohol, inability to resist the impulse to drink, looking forward to drinking all day long are some basics everybody should be concerned. In continuing there comes denial where some serious, heavy drinker may become furious and enraged with someone pointing out his drinking problem. Some of the serous alcoholic stages include drinking early in the morning or hiding bottles and drinking secretly.

Mental effects

AlcoholismOne of the main reasons people start to drink is to make their feelings go away. Yes, for sure it escapes but unfortunately only temporary. Prolonged drinking will bring on feelings of depression which will appear after also when you are sober. There is also similar state do depression called dysthymia with many bad symptoms like low self-esteem, no eating or sleeping, difficult concentrating, etc. By decreasing your brain’s nervous system and combining it with physical stress alcohol provides a great level of anxiety. Here come symptoms like nightmares, impatience, and inability to relax. For sure there is also compulsive behavior as a result of making decisions that negatively impact alcoholic life by losing interest for anything else but alcohol. Selfish, egoistical and angry behavior is only part of personality changing symptoms. Mood swing is drastically common as alcohol slows brain’ synapses and chemically affects levels of serotonin, mood hormone. Emotions just start to go out of control.

If you are of any concern that you or somebody you love to have a drinking problem, it is very important to act immediately. There are various solutions for health care professionals, psychotherapists, supporting groups with additional treatment programs that may help you as they helped to outnumber people. It is very important to remember that we can change anytime and into anything we desire. It is about our attitude and our decisions that will make just our path. Seeing sobriety is the key to success so it should be the main focus in this struggle. The problem is that results of self-destruction come to surface in early sobriety. This is a time of giving them a healthy way to understand what has happened and to make it all better.