If your pleasure in alcohol drinking reached the point where you are worried it is eligible to get some information about us. It is very important to keep an open mind and to consider your drinking issue realistic. Make a true determination has alcohol truly become a problem for you, and we will help you to accept it like outnumbering people all around the world. People who once drank to wastefulness came to us and acknowledged that they have a great problem and don’t know to handle alcohol. Now, these people live a new way of life with great alcohol control.

Who We Are

We are a group of women and men from Edmonton Kentucky whose passion is to share alcohol addiction and problems experience. Most important is that we admitted to ourselves and the others, as from the group also from the surrounding, that we have an alcohol issue and we can’t control it. On this path, we acquired lots of strength and hoped with each other, and we want to share it with others who need same help and have same problems. We are not engaged in any politics, sect, religious organization or any institution with similar backgrounds. Staying sober and helping other alcoholics with their abstinence is our main goal without endorsing or opposing any causes. Learning more and more about alcoholism is the main key to sobriety, and it should be the first concern of everybody especially alcoholics. Alcohol as our common problem keeps us united in our fight and belief.

How To Join Us

Many people are facing this problem, and everybody should consider it as on a very global level. It strikes all kinds of people, all races, nationalities, and religions with various occupations. But one fact is most important in all this; you decide to try and give a chance to yourself and our group. Remember that there is no disgrace in facing up to this problem as any other. So when you decide you are already a member, just find our contact information and info about the local meeting on our website. Our only demand will be you staying sober.


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